Environmental protection

Our endeavor

Protecting fish species

The Fish 'n Go is committed to the environment and nature, so we spend a significant portion of our profits on the conservation and reintroduction of native, protected fish species. In Hungary, we are assisting in the reintroduction of Danube sturgeon and many protected fish species with the help of our users.

Protecting water animals

During our fishing tours we can meet many water and waterfront animals. We must never forget that we are also part of nature, so we must protect these beings. One such project is the protection of the giant sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) in Zakynthos, and the work of a conservation organization there.

Protecting the shores

We support and organize a number of environmental activities, whether on the waterfront waste collection action or habitat rehabilitation. Our events are open to anyone and it is a great pleasure for us to organize and support similar events in more and more countries!