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Customized booking calendar free of charge

Simple and quick to use calendar, developed for fishing waters, which you can use for free, if you are a contract partner! Yes! You can use and manage your bookings for free, as Fishngo is only for You charge a small commission for bookings received through Fishngo, not for what you recorded! Say goodbye to crucifixions and outdated tables and calendars! You can also assign statuses to bookers for each booking you make in your calendar and manage your booking information. Eg: Paid, Advance paid status.

  • Assigning statuses to anglers
  • Easy to use interface
  • Helpful, up-to-date customer service and assistance
  • Create competitions, events
  • Create and edit your own bookings for free
  • Manage bookings received through 'Fishngo' in exchange for a commission

Thousands of new fisherman for you

Our application is used by thousands of anglers every day, who are looking for the best fishing waters where they can catch big fish! The only question is, is there any water in our application that these people are easy to find for your fishing water? Sign up, become an affiliate and let Fishngo for a small commission direct the mass of new customers to your fishing water!

  • Thousands of new anglers in your fishing water
  • Form 12 countries
  • Your own fishing site plus profile page in the application
  • Pictures and videos about your fishing water
  • Description and policy about your fishing water

Constantly updated catch list

Anglers take pictures of their best catches, write reports and upload them Fishngo application for community interface. Posts will also automatically appear on your angling water profile page under "Recent Catches Here". This way, anglers browsing your waters will see an up-to-date catch list, and thus gain more new customers.

  • Automaticly updated record list
  • Automaticly updated catch list
  • Up-to-date, up-to-date information on fishing waters

Intelligent ticket control

Checking tickets on fishing water is made easier! You just need a smartphone, with your Fisherman's Online Booking Ticket unique identifiers can be retrieved through our application. The anglers can show the tickets through the application when they arrive at their fishing water.

  • Own web agency where you can see all the bookings and identify the anglers uniformly
  • We use an online system instead of printed tickets to save you on printing costs and protect the environment
  • Unique code authentication in seconds, using a smartphone and our app, which saves you a lot of time

Improve with us

Creating a website if you want your own, at a lot of cost and there are continuous improvements that if you want to be up to date, not to mention the cost of advertising! If you are using Fishngo as an Affiliate, these costs are not borne by you as we are constantly upgrading our system, so you can use Fishngo with more and more features. More and more anglers will visit you via Fishngo.

  • Own web agency
  • You can currently use more than 50 features within a web agency
  • Constantly evolving system
  • New features to promote your fishing water

Environment protection

The environment and nature protection are of utmost importance to our company, therefore, we spend a significant part of our profits on fish conservation, environment and nature conservation projects.

  • You will be a part of this, because without your fishing water and the fishermen visiting it, this would not be possible.
  • We use an online ticketing and identification system without the use of paper, so you contribute to reducing the amount of wood you need to cut paper to produce

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